Old World Holiday Tours

Join the Frontier Culture Museum for our lantern-lit holiday tours at this after-hours event.

Dates: December 3 -5, December 10-12, December 17-19

England: Hartlebury, England 1667. The holiday season after the plague invites family, friends, and intrigue into one plague widow’s life.

Ireland: A right-place-wrong-time debacle nearly ruins the holiday plans of an Irish village, especially for one young couple, but a little holiday magic turns things around.

Germany: Hordt, Palatinate 1760. The neighbors have gathered at the Schmidt farm to hear a letter from Dorothea’s brother in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The differences between the English colonies and the Rhineland become very obvious, even more so than just the holiday celebrations!

Pavilion: Staunton, Virginia 1826. Hannah Vogler is home for the holidays from Salem Female Academy in Salem, North Carolina, brimming with tales from school and living with the Moravians. But, one of her relatives is skeptical of the new-fangled trend of female education and tensions rise!

Tickets are $15 per person and can be purchased here!