• 1700s Ganatastwi

    The Ganatastwi Exhibit at the Frontier Culture Museum represents how a small group of native Americans might have been living west of the Blue Ridge … [Continue Reading]

    1700s Ganatastwi
  • Early American Schoolhouse

    Background The Early American Schoolhouse is a reconstruction of the Shuler School, seen in this photograph at its original location near the hamlet … [Continue Reading]

    Early American Schoolhouse
  • 1850s American Farm

    Background By the 1850s, the Valley of Virginia was integrated into an expanding national market for agricultural and manufactured products. An … [Continue Reading]

    1850s American Farm
  • 1820s American Farm

    By the 1820s, the diverse peoples who settled the Valley of Virginia had lived together for several generations. Shaped by the common experiences of … [Continue Reading]

    1820s American Farm
  • 1740s American Farm

    Settlement of America's Appalachian river valleys began in the late 1720s. The colony of Virginia enacted land policies to attract settlers to create … [Continue Reading]

    1740s American Farm
  • 1700s German Farm

    Germans were the largest group of non-English speaking Europeans to settle in colonial America. Between 1683 and 1776, roughly 120,000 German-speaking … [Continue Reading]

    1700s German Farm
  • 1700s Irish Farm

    The migration of Irish Protestants from Ulster, Ireland's northernmost province, to the American colonies began by 1718. By the American Revolution, … [Continue Reading]

    1700s Irish Farm
  • 1700s Irish Forge

    Blacksmiths make and repair tools and implements from iron and steel. The fact that blacksmiths were among the most numerous craftsmen in a community … [Continue Reading]

    1700s Irish Forge
  • 1600s English Farm

    English colonization of North America began with the founding of Jamestown in 1607. Over the next century other English colonies were established … [Continue Reading]

    1600s English Farm
  • 1700s West African Farm

    During the 1600s and 1700s, nearly 250,000 Africans were brought to colonial America to serve as enslaved agricultural workers, domestic servants, and … [Continue Reading]

    1700s West African Farm

Winter Activities at the Frontier Culture Museum

Winter Programs & Activities

2015 is Over! A big "thank you" to everyone who helped make 2015 a successful year!  We hope you were able to visit the Museum this past year to enjoy the many living history programs, activities and events that support the Museum's mission. 2016 is Here! Not everyone knows that the Museum is open year-round, and in fact there are a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities scheduled for January and February.  Most activities will begin indoors at the Museum's Welcome Center and include visits to historic exhibits. Programs will be available for all ages and will change every week. For an current list of upcoming activities, visit our Facebook page, the Winter Activities Schedule on our website, or call the Museum's Welcome Center … [Read More...]