• 1700s Ganatastwi

    The Ganatastwi Exhibit at the Frontier Culture Museum represents how a small group of native Americans might have been living west of the Blue Ridge … [Continue Reading]

    1700s Ganatastwi
  • Early American Schoolhouse

    Background The Early American Schoolhouse is a reconstruction of the Shuler School, seen in this photograph at its original location near the hamlet … [Continue Reading]

    Early American Schoolhouse
  • 1850s American Farm

    Background By the 1850s, the Valley of Virginia was integrated into an expanding national market for agricultural and manufactured products. An … [Continue Reading]

    1850s American Farm
  • 1820s American Farm

    By the 1820s, the diverse peoples who settled the Valley of Virginia had lived together for several generations. Shaped by the common experiences of … [Continue Reading]

    1820s American Farm
  • 1740s American Farm

    Settlement of America's Appalachian river valleys began in the late 1720s. The colony of Virginia enacted land policies to attract settlers to create … [Continue Reading]

    1740s American Farm
  • 1700s German Farm

    Germans were the largest group of non-English speaking Europeans to settle in colonial America. Between 1683 and 1776, roughly 120,000 German-speaking … [Continue Reading]

    1700s German Farm
  • 1700s Irish Farm

    The migration of Irish Protestants from Ulster, Ireland's northernmost province, to the American colonies began by 1718. By the American Revolution, … [Continue Reading]

    1700s Irish Farm
  • 1700s Irish Forge

    Blacksmiths make and repair tools and implements from iron and steel. The fact that blacksmiths were among the most numerous craftsmen in a community … [Continue Reading]

    1700s Irish Forge
  • 1600s English Farm

    English colonization of North America began with the founding of Jamestown in 1607. Over the next century other English colonies were established … [Continue Reading]

    1600s English Farm
  • 1700s West African Farm

    During the 1600s and 1700s, nearly 250,000 Africans were brought to colonial America to serve as enslaved agricultural workers, domestic servants, and … [Continue Reading]

    1700s West African Farm