About the Foundation


Who We Are

The Shenandoah Valley has a heritage rich in tradition, family and culture. Our roots grow deep and originate in places and countries far from Virginia. The American Frontier Culture Foundation works to preserve America’s heritage for future generations through its support of the Frontier Culture Museum.

Our beginning: In conjunction with the celebration of American independence, in 1975 a group of ambitious individuals proposed the creation of an expansive outdoor museum that would interpret the contributions made by settlers from backcountry communities of England, Germany, Ireland, and West Africa that pioneered our Western frontier in the 1700s. In 1978, the Virginia General Assembly authorized the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation to prepare a feasibility study for the land at the junction of I-64 and I-81 as the potential museum site. The study concluded that the site was exceedingly well suited for what would be become the celebrated Frontier Culture Museum. To obtain the necessary capital funds, the American Frontier Culture Foundation was incorporated in 1982 as a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization to accept all private donations for the museum. The Foundation raised funds to acquire, move and reassemble the historic buildings and acquire the artifacts and furnishings and interpret them.

Today, the Foundation continues to support current and new permanent and temporary exhibits, the acquisition and reconstruction of historic buildings, the reproduction of historic buildings and furnishings, and the preservation of historic buildings and artifacts at the Frontier Culture Museum. The Foundation also provides the Museum with resources for illuminating teacher education programs, entertaining lectures, workshops, special programs and much needed school fieldtrips to the Museum.

Board of Directors as of July 1, 2015

Mr. Ned Ruby, President – Stauton, VA
Mr. Linda Holden, Vice President – Staunton, VA
Mr. James A. Russell Jr., Treasurer – Staunton, VA
Mr. G. John Avoli, Secretary – Staunton, VA

Mr. T. Edmond Beck – Glasgow, VA
Mr. William L. Bowman – Staunton, VA
Ms. Laurel Cartwright – Swoope, VA
Mr. Bernd G. Dollt, Hördt, Germany
Mr. E. Alexander Dudley – Charlottesville, VA
Mr. George Dygert – Waynesboro, VA
Mr. James Feaganes – Staunton, VA
Mrs. Jane Fuller – Mount Sidney, VA
Mr. Alan Garrison – Staunton, VA
Mr. Herb Godschalk – Staunton, VA
Dr. Clive Hallman – Bridgewater, VA
Mr. David Holsinger III, Staunton, VA
Mr. H. Randolph Laird – Staunton, VA
Mr. Frank McDonough, Staunton, VA
Mrs. Dorothy Duval Nelson – New Orleans, LA
Dr. Ejikeme Obiechina Obasi – Burr Ridge, IL
Mrs. Patricia Opie – Staunton, VA
Mr. Jake Schindler – Staunton, VA
Mr. Prewitt Scripps – Staunton, VA
Mr. Fulton Sensabaugh – Staunton, VA
Mr. David Trainum, Staunton, VA
Mrs. Christine Van Pelt, Bridgewater, VA