Tuesday 04 April 2017

Apr 4: Spring Lecture Series #3 / Ardent Spirits

Ardent Spirits: Adult Beverages and American Culture

Guest Speaker: Sarah Meacham, Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Topic:  Role of Women in Cidering and Distilling in the Colonial Chesapeake
Alcohol was essential to colonial life; the region’s water was foul, milk was generally unavailable, and tea and coffee were far too expensive for all but the very wealthy. Colonists used alcohol to drink, in cooking, as a cleaning agent, in beauty products, and as medicine. The distillation and brewing of alcohol for these purposes traditionally fell to women. Advice and recipes in such guidebooks as The Accomplisht Ladys Delight demonstrate that women were the main producers of alcohol until the middle of the 18th century. Men, mostly small planters, then supplanted women, using new and cheaper technologies to make the region’s cider, ale, and whiskey.

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