Tuesday 11 April 2017

Apr 11: Spring Lecture Series #4 / Ardent Spirits

Ardent Spirits: Adult Beverages and American Culture

Guest Speaker: Carole Nash, Associate Professor, James Madison University

Topic:  Belmont Vineyards, an Early History of the Virginia Wine Industry
Over the past 40 years, the wine industry in Virginia has rapidly expanded from a small number of family-owned vineyards to more than 230 wineries. Aided by the growing popularity of wine tourism, Virginia is now 5th in the nation for vineyard acreage and grape product. What experts are now finding, however, is that this is not the first time wine has been a staple for Virginia. For instance, Shenandoah National Park holds the remains of one of the largest wineries in Virginia history: Belmont Vineyards. Over the past 4 years, ISAT professor Dr. Carole Nash, assisted by a host of students, the park, and advanced geospatial technologies, have helped uncover the vibrant wine industry that existed in Virginia over 150 years ago.

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