Sunday 03 December 2017

Dec 3: Water/Ways Special Program #4

Special Water/Ways activities will be conducted on the selected exhibit locations noted below. Great for both kids and adults! Activities will emphasize water as a critical ingredient, tool, or means to an end in the daily life and work of the cultures we represent here at the Frontier Culture Museum.

West African Farm:
18th century water collection and transportation in tropical climate
English Farm:
17th century English beer brewing
German Farm:
Protecting the source: communal well and water transportation
Native American water transportation: making a dug-out canoe; Making choices: Native American settlement patterns based on water sources
1740’s American Farm:
18th century colonial beer brewing; Making choices: Colonial settlement patterns based on water sources
1850’s American Farm:
19th century chemistry: from water to chemicals–Lye making demonstration; Protecting the source: diverting water to the spring house

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