Tuesday 20 March 2018

MAR 20: Spring Lecture Series #1 / Minstrel Shows: The Many Faces of Thomas Dartmouth Rice

This year's Lecture Series' theme is "Public Entertainment in the Early American Republic".
Please join us for all 4 events scheduled for Tuesday evening in late March and early April.

Admission is FREE
Light snacks will be served
All lectures will be in the Museum's Dairy Barn Lecture Hall.
For More Info: http://www.frontiermuseum.org/spring-lecture-series-2018/


Lecture #1 - March 20, 7:oo pm
Guest Speaker:   Chinua Akimaro Thelwell, College of William and Mary
“Minstrel Shows: The Many Faces of Thomas Dartmouth Rice”

Topic Overview:
In the 1830s, Thomas Dartmouth Rice toured several American cities presenting a song and dance called “Jump Jim Crow.” He performed in blackface and helped popularize what would come to be known as the blackface minstrel show. During the pursuing decades, blackface minstrelsy was the most popular form of entertainment in the United States. Thomas Rice greatly influenced the direction of early American popular culture. His legacy is surrounded in controversy. Many view him as a virulent racist while others believe he was a racial progressive. This lecture examines several narratives that have been created to describe the origins of his act and asks the question: exactly what is being debated when we talk about the many faces of Thomas Dartmouth Rice?


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