Food Truck Battle Returns for 2nd Year

food truck battle logo 2The Frontier Culture Museum will once again host the Virginia Food Truck Battle & Beer Competition benefitting THE MADEE PROJECT.  For those who may not know, The MaDee Project is a non-profit charity that helps families with children battling pediatric cancer.  This fundraising event is scheduled for Sunday, September 4th, 2016 here at the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA.

The number of participating food trucks has expanded from last year and will feature 3 zones with a total of 24 Food Trucks and 6 Virginia Breweries from all over the state.   Each will battle it out for FAN FAVORITE with consumers determining the best vendors.  4 Bands will be playing throughout the day and there is also a FREE children’s activities area.  Non-competing vendors will include 2 wineries, a soft drink beverage tent, kettle corn, and ice cream trucks.

In addition to more than doubling the number of food trucks for 2016, there have been numerous other enhancements including a streamlined ticketing/check-in process and expanded parking areas.

Tickets go on sale May 1st on the Frontier Culture Museum website. There are 2 types of tickets:

  1. VIP Tickets: 11:45 am  ($35 in advance / $40 at the gate). Children 6 and under are Free, but will not be given tastings unless a separate ticket is purchased.
  2. General Admission Tickets: 2:oo pm  ($10 in advance / $15 at the gate).  All food may be purchased a la carte.

NOTE:  The Museum will open at 11:45am for VIP ticket holders. General Admission ticket holders may NOT enter with the VIP ticket holders.  If you have a group, we recommend purchasing the same type of ticket for everyone in your party.

Da Rules!

VIP Tickets (11:45 am – 6:00 pm)

  • VIP only…. Gates open at 11:45 am
  • VIP’s may enter at 11:45. Tastings will begin at Noon sharp and will end at 2:00 pm sharp.
  • VIP ticket holders are assigned to a specific Food Zone (there are 8 food trucks in each Zone).
  • VIP’s will receive a tasting/small plate from each of those food trucks food contest entry and will VOTE on their favorite tasting located in your assigned Zone.
  • VIP’s vote for their favorite food truck and Virginia beer. Voting will end at 3:00 pm.
  • All VIP’s will get a 2 oz. tasting from each of the 6 Craft Breweries entered in the competition located in our Beer Garden. (Must be 21 years or older).
  • The event will run until 6:00 pm.  Bring lawn chairs/blankets and enjoy the day!

General Admission Tickets  (2:00-6:00 pm)

  • General admission ticket holders may enter at 2:00 pm (not a minute before).
  • The event closes at 6:00 pm.
  • The event will run until 6:00 pm.  Bring lawn chairs/blankets and enjoy the day!

For Staunton area hotel packages contact either The Stonewall Jackson Hotel, The Hampton Inn, or The Best Western.  For complete info visit (website coming May 1st).  Bring your lawn chairs/blankets.  Come out and enjoy a true battle, great food, beer, wine, music all while supporting a great cause.  Learn more about the cause at


  1. So can general admission ticket holders Vote any?

  2. Catherine says:

    Hello! I like to purchase a VIP ticket. My youngest will be free but my other is 7. Do I need to purchase him a VIP pass or can I get him a gen. Admission to come with me at 11:45?


    • Joe Herget says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Unfortunately, general admission ticket holders can’t get in until 2:00 pm. We recommend that families purchase either all VIP tickets, or all general admission tickets if they wish to enjoy the Food Truck Battle together.

  3. Hi there, is this event dog friendly? Thanks!

    • Joe Herget says:

      Hi Emily, Unfortunately animals are not permitted on the Museum grounds (with the exception of service dogs). We do have 2 kennels available to rent for the day, however given the extraordinarily large crowds anticipated we would recommend leaving your pet at home for Food Truck Battle day.

  4. question:
    Will food and brews be available for purchase between 11:45 till 2?

    • Joe Herget says:

      Hi Greg,

      Food trucks will be serving only free VIP samples until 2:00pm; These are the items that the VIPs assess to vote for their favorite food truck (Only VIP ticket holders are allowed into the event between 11:45 & 2:00). When the event opens to General Admission ticket holders at 2:00pm, the trucks switch over to the regular a la carte menu, and you can purchase whatever you wish until 6:00 pm. Beer will be similar although the 2 beer trailers (not the craft beer guys) should be selling beer all day.

  5. Could someone till me where we’re going to be able to park. I have 8 VIP tickets

  6. Joe Herget says:

    Hi Jeff,
    VIPs arrive 2 hrs ahead of general admission, so you should be able to park in one of the Museum’s main parking lots. For VIPs, if you arrive by 11:00am, you should be able to park very close and avoid long lines at check in. We have 3 lots near check-in plus the lot at Dice’s. General Admission ticket holders will likely end up in one of our overflow parking areas (eg Lowes/WalMart parking lot) where they can catch a shuttle to the Museum gate.

  7. I read where there are zones with 8 trucks in each zone. With the VIP tickets do you get to try all 24 trucks or only the 8 in your zone?

  8. The Museum still opens at 9am? that’s why we are coming out, want to make sure I don’t have to wait until 2 to get into that section? The food truck general ticket says it includes entry into the museum. Will I be able to buy that ticket, get into the museum in the morning, and then get into the food truck area at 2, or would I need to wait until 2 to use my ticket, then be allowed in the museum afterwards? Isnt at all clear on the web site…

    • The Museum doesn’t open until 11:30 am on Sunday…. VIP ticket holders can enter at that time. General Admission ticket holders cannot enter until 2 pm. All ticket holders are free to walk around the Old World section of the Museum once inside.

  9. anna thompson says:

    Is there a map of the zones? Are you allowed to pick which zone you are designated to?

    • Hi Anna. VIP tickets are sold out and zone assignments only matter for VIP voting purposes. General admission tickets (still available) allow you access to all 3 zones to purchase food from any of the 24 food trucks between 2-6pm

  10. Hello,

    Will wine be available until 6 pm?

  11. Darrin Butler says:

    What is included with the $15 admission?

    • Joe Herget says:

      The $15 general admission ticket allows you to enter the event at 2:00pm and access all 24 food trucks. After 2:00, all food trucks will be selling food from their menu. (VIP tickets get free samples between 12 and 2:00). There will also be wine & beer vendors and 4 different bands throughout the day.

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