The Meredith Furr Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

Sponsor A Camper for Mer ….

IMG_1258Meredith Furr was a wonderful little girl and a member of our Frontier Culture Museum family. As many of you know, we recently lost Mer to cancer.

To honor Mer, the Museum has created a scholarship program in her name. Last summer she was one of our campers and we know she’d be happy to help other kids enjoy the same opportunity.

Every year, the Frontier Culture Museum hosts hundreds of kids for weeklong summer camps.  Our camps are fun and educational, and offer the kind of adventure kids will long remember.  

Sadly, too many kids don’t experience our summer camp because their families can’t afford to send them. By SPONSORING A CAMPER FOR MER you open the world of the Frontier Culture Museum for a child to learn and grow.

Your $150 donation gives a child a full-week of the Museum’s summer camp experience.
Click Here To Sponsor A Camper for Mer

Local teachers and school counselors help the Museum’s educational staff select the Campers based on individual circumstances and their enthusiasm for American history. 

Thank you for your generosity!


  1. Taylor Horne says:

    I knew Meredith when she was little and miss her a lot and love her lots too. And I even cut 14 inches of my hair to donate to kids with cancer for her.

  2. Misti Furr says:

    A big “thank you” to anyone who sponsors this, from our family. Meredith loved the museum–in part because her dad and I worked there, but mostly because she loved the animals, the farms, and the other kids she met there for summer camp.
    We are so very proud that her name will be honored by this scholarship.

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