Archaeology Day

Saturday, Oct 16

International Archaeology at the Frontier Culture Museum is back! Come visit on Saturday, October 16, 2021 from 9-5 for a whole range of activities. This year’s theme is experimental archaeology, something living history interpreters engage with every day.

Historical documents like diaries and newspapers only give us so much information. Similarly, with excavated materials, sometimes we just don’t know what an artifact was used for or by whom. Experimental archaeology allows for scientists to explore the creation methods and use of everyday items, in order to better understand the archaeological record.

For Archaeology Day 2021, the FCM is presenting a day of experimental archaeology. Some of the activities are things the interpreters do on site everyday, which shows how closely living history and archaeology are linked. Other activities are old favorites, like our socially-distanced dig boxes and Eastern Woodland pottery firing.Here are the activities we’re offering on each farm.

Planned Activities

  • West Africa – Music. How we take an excavated instrument and know how it sounds and how it was used, and how music takes its place in a culture.
  • England – Costuming. How we use extant pieces and art to determine what to wear, how to wear it, and how to make it.
  • Forge – Metallurgy. History of metallurgy and how we recreate pieces to be used based on extant pieces or catalog drawings.
  • Ireland – Cooking. How we take excavated cookware, put it back together, and figure out how to use it. Also cooking based on historic receipts and ingredients.
  • Germany – Dig Boxes. Try your hand at some mock excavation in our socially-distanced dig boxes!
  • Eastern Woodland Indian – Pottery firing/ Flint knapping. How we can recreate pieces using traditional methods.
  • 1760s Settlement – Architecture. How we can recreate the house. Help the interpreters build a mock log house, using historic methods.
  • 1820s American – Battlefield Archaeology. How we recreate events based on artifacts and first hand accounts. Try your hand at puzzling over a map of artifact finds to figure out what happened!
  • 1850s American – Post Excavation Analysis/ Artifact Game. What happens after we pull artifacts from the ground.

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