At The Museum: April 20-26


Earth Day Week – Most people think of conservation and recycling as modern activities.  However, our ancestors reduced, reused, and recycled as well… often to ensure their survival. We’ll be highlighting the use and reuse of organic resources throughout the week here at the Museum.  See what interests you most from the “Activities Schedule” below and plan to come out this week.

Highlighted Activities

Spinning on the Scot-Irish Farm

Monday (April 20)

  • England: Wool processing
  • Germany: Spinning (10:00-12:00 and 2:00-4:00)
  • 1820’s America: Traditional cooking (2:00-4:00)
  • 1740’s America: Garden work
  • 1850’s America: Quilting

Tuesday (April 21)

  • England: Garden work (morning); Wool processing (2:00-4:00)
  • 1850’s America: Quilting and garden work
  • West Africa: Thatching

Wednesday (April 22)


Meal preparation in 1820’s America

Earth Day – Tree planting and garden talks on all off the Museum’s farms.

  • West Africa: Talk about yam use and farming
  • England: Garden work and herb; Tree planting (afternoon)
  • Germany: Vineyard work; Discussion about grapes in the vineyard (2:00-3:00)
  • Ireland: Garden work
  • 1740’s America: Fence making & woodworking
  • 1820’s America: Music; Cooking with greens from the garden (2:00-4:00)
  • 1850’s America: Quilting & Knitting

Thursday (April 23)

  • England: Sheep shearing (10:00)
  • Ireland: Spinning (2:00-4:00); Potato planting

Friday (April 24)

Weaving in Ireland

Weaving in Ireland

  • Ireland: Spinning (2:00-4:00)
  • 1850’s America: Sheep shearing (10:00 & 1:00)

Saturday (April 25)

  • England: Baking (10:00 – 2:00)

Sunday (April 26)

  • England: Wool processing (10:00-12:00 & 2:00-4:00)
  • Ireland: Weaving (2:00-4:00)
  • Germany: Spinning (10:00-12:00 and 2:00-4:00)

    * Want to see it all?  Consider getting an Annual Pass so you can come as often as you wish to see the things that interest you the most!  It pays for itself after just 2 visits.