At The Museum: March 16-22



Fat Rendering Was Essential In All Old World And New World Cultures

A by-product of both butchering and everyday cooking, fat is a useful and necessary substance. Once “rendered” (melted, cleaned and strained), it can be used to make soap, candles and, of course, in cooking.

There are several types/sources of fats, the use of which often varied according to the culture involved.  This week’s activities will feature many practical uses of FAT in both the Old World and New World environments.

This week’s activities include soap-making, candle-making, cooking a wide variety traditional foods, leather tanning, and crop planting.

Highlighted Activities
There’s a lot to see at the Museum as everyone prepares for the impending spring.  Here’s a quick look at some of the activities you’ll encounter throughout the week.  Plan on coming more than one day if you want to see it all. *


Spark Are Flying At The Irish Forge This Week

Monday through Friday

  • 1740s America: (All week) Leather work & tanning
  • Ireland: (Tues & Wed) Planting potatoes
  • Forge: (Tues-Sat) Traditional blacksmithing – Making andirons,fireplace tools and chest hinges.
  • 1850s America: (Wed-Fri) Lye making will be ongoing; this is a key step in the soap-making process
  • 1820s America: (Thur) Pig fat or mutton fat rendering
  • West Africa: Drying out!  It was a very wet winter. Check out our Facebook page throughout to week for an announcement of when the ground has dried enough to reopen the site.

Saturday & Sunday
It’s all about FAT this week and, almost all exhibits will be doing something useful with fat this Saturday.


One Meat Pie In Standing Crust Please!

  • West Africa: Making Akara with palm oil; candle-making
  • Ganatastwi: Rendering bear fat.
  • Germany: Making Krapfen (filled doughnuts fried in lard).
  • Forge: Talks on lard oil/cutting oil.
  • 1820s America: Donuts fried in lard.
  • England: Making & cooking a meat pie using suet/mutton tallow in the standing crust.
  • 1850s America: Boiling a ham
  • Ireland: (Sat & Sun) Tie fishing flies – OK, this activity doesn’t use any fat, but it’ll be a lot of fun nonetheless.



Fires All Across The Frontier Are  Busy Cooking And Rendering Fat

* Want to see it all?  Consider getting an Annual Pass so you can come as often as you wish to see the things that interest you the most!  It pays for itself after just 2 visits.