Is the Oktoberfest All About Beer?

It’s that time of year again when the days are getting colder, the leaves are changing color, and pumpkin-flavored products are everywhere. A new school year is underway, the NFL dominates Sunday TV, and some people are already thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas—and all the other stuff they can make taste like pumpkin. It’s also the time of year for Oktoberfest all across these United States. With the Craft Beer Revolution, small and large breweries, local neighborhoods and communities, … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Lammas and Llamas

The business of bringing the past to life is always interesting and, sometimes, tricky. This is especially true when you learn something new about the past, such as, for example, an old folk holiday a couple of the cultures the Frontier Culture Museum represents celebrated long ago and brought to America, but is now nearly forgotten. Then, when you are really in the mood to cause confusion and consternation, you put an event on the calendar and name it after this old, forgotten holiday, and … [Read more...]

So You Got A New Camera for Christmas… Now What?

Did Santa bring you a new camera for Christmas? Or, do you finally want to use the one he brought you in 2010? New Date Added:  February 25 is now open If either these describes you, then please join us on February 25 for a digital photography workshop at the Frontier Culture Museum. You’ll learn some easy composition and lighting techniques to improve your photos and make them more visually engaging. You’ll also have the opportunity to put this new knowledge to immediate use at the … [Read more...]

You Can Now Support The Museum On Amazon

Here's an easy, painless, and totally free way to support the Museum! Select us as your designated Amazon Smile Charity, and Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase to the Museum. Just click on the Amazon link below, sign into your account, and select the American Frontier Culture Foundation as your charity of choice.  After that, 0.5% of every purchase you make on Amazon will be donated to the Museum at no cost to you.   … [Read more...]

Winter Programs & Activities

2015 is Over! A big "thank you" to everyone who helped make 2015 a successful year!  We hope you were able to visit the Museum this past year to enjoy the many living history programs, activities and events that support the Museum's mission. 2016 is Here! Not everyone knows that the Museum is open year-round, and in fact there are a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities scheduled for January and February.  Most activities will begin indoors at the Museum's Welcome Center and include … [Read more...]

Winter Lecture Series 2015

The Museum's Winter Lecture Series is nearly upon us. The series title this year is, Living on the Edge: The Frontier Remembered in Early American Fiction. The series focuses on the work of four writers who used the 18th century American frontier as a setting for their stories and created characters and situations that, perhaps, came to represent that frontier in the minds of their readers. The writers featured in the series are William Gilmore Simms, Hugh Henry Brackenridge, James Fenimore … [Read more...]

Christmas at the Frontier Culture Museum – Part I

It’s that time of year again. The TV commercials and store displays first appeared in mid-October this year, but no matter when we see the first signs, Christmas comes so very fast. The Christmas season is always an interesting one here at the Frontier Culture Museum. Our marketing tag line says that we, “Bring the Past to Life,” and we try very hard to do that. We also try to be very honest about the past we bring to life, and about the limits of living history as a means to accomplish this. At … [Read more...]

Best Oktoberfest This Side of Bavaria!

guten Tag! Oktoberfest (the original one) has been held in Munich, Germany since 1810 and now is also celebrated in many other cities & towns around the world.   It's a major element of Bavarian culture, but if you're unable to make the trip to Germany you can enjoy the next best thing.... celebrating Oktoberfest on an actual 17th century German farm at the Frontier Culture Museum. If you'd like to combine a great festival celebration with a wonderful educational experience, we invite … [Read more...]

Vote Top 10 Endangered Artifacts 2014 Nominees

Here's the way that you can support the Frontier Culture Museum - by voting in the Virginia's Top 10 Endangered artifacts. The campaign from the Virginia Association of Museums is designed to create awareness of the importance of preserving artifacts at museums, libraries and archives throughout the Commonwealth and in the District of Columbia, and we're taking part. The Frontier Culture Museums entry is our Wampler Waggon! The Waggon, spelled with two "g's" was acquired from the … [Read more...]

Green, Green Garden!

But though an old man, I am but a young gardener - Thomas Jefferson This Saturday is Gardening Day at the Museum!  All the Gardens are producing and it's time for harvesting. Come out and learn all about the heirloom veggies we grow.  You just might even get to take some home with you! Here's the low down on what's going on at each Farm! West Africa - garden, site work England - Foodways, baking, garden Ireland - Garden work, harvesting potatoes, harvesting Rye Germany - … [Read more...]

Flax On, Flax Off

Time we all learned a bit about how Flax is harvested, processed and turned into linen.  This Saturday come out to the Museum and get some hands on experience with Flax.  There will also be weaving and spinning. Looking forward to seeing everyone here! West Africa - Garden, Site Work England - Garden, Spinning Wool Ireland - Weaving, Flax Harvesting, Flax Processing Germany - Spinning, Flax Harvest Native America - Cordage 1740 - Woodworking 1820 - Spinning, … [Read more...]

Wood and Shop Does It Again!

Many Thanks to Joshua and his Wood and Shop Blog! Check it out!   … [Read more...]

Fall Newsletter

Check Out The Fall Museum Education Newsletter. … [Read more...]

Blog posting from a Visitor

Check out the terrific Blog posting from Meduseld Farm!  Thanks for visiting the Museum! Meduseld Farm Blog … [Read more...]