Hands-on EducationThe Frontier Culture Museum is an outdoor, living-history museum and a Commonwealth of Virginia educational institution. The Museum currently features 11 permanent, outdoor exhibits comprised of original and reconstructed farm buildings from West Africa, England, Ireland, Germany, and Virginia. The exhibits are carefully researched and documented, and many of them are original buildings that were dismantled and transported to the Museum for restoration and reconstruction.

The Museum’s exhibits serve as the settings for interpretative and educational programs designed to increase public knowledge of the diverse Old World origins of early immigrants to America, of how these immigrants lived in their homelands, how they came to America, and how the way-of-life they created together on the early American frontier has shaped the success of the United States.

Almost all educational programs can be delivered 3 ways:

  1. Virtual Field Trip – Delivered to your classroom or individual student-at-home devices via the e-meeting service of your choice.
  2. Onsite Field Trip – Bring your class to the Museum.  Hands-on activities may be adjusted to enable social distancing guideline implementation.
  3. At School Outreach – Many programs can be brought directly to your school and classroom via our “Outreach Program”.* Activities vary with the seasons, and weather conditions can impact the availability of some programs.

The Frontier Culture Museum offers education programs to suit the needs of all ages, from kindergarten to college and beyond. Each program is designed to traditional classroom learning and to support a range of Virginia Standards of Learning.

Should you not see a program that meets your needs, please contact the Museum and our staff will work with you to develop one that does. Please allow at least two (2) weeks for the preparation of custom programs.

Program Information:

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