We Are Shaped By Our American Frontier past,

from the first pioneers coming from the hinterlands of England, Germany, Ireland and West Africa to the native people here before them.  At the American Frontier Culture Foundation, we work to help the Frontier Culture Museum preserve and share this rich cultural heritage.  We bring school children to the museum from all over Virginia and neighboring states to learn how our ancestors were drawn to the American Colonies and how they contributed to the success of the colonies and what would become the United States.  Families from all over the world come to the Frontier Culture Museum to see this important living history museum.

The Museum is expanding with new exhibits and new programs.  Donors to the American Frontier Culture Foundation make this possible.  We opened out West African Farm exhibit in 2010 and the Native American Encampment in 2012.  Our supporters are crucial to sustaining the traditional rural settlements from England,  Germany, Ireland and the early American pioneer life exhibits also open at the Museum.

Take a look at what we do and help us continue to make the Museum a haven of learning and culture, where America’s first frontier has been recreated, brought to life and celebrated for all to learn.