Lecture #3 – Border Wars

Border Wars: The Pennsylvania/Virginia Boundary Controversy

Guest Speaker:
Robert Dunkerly,
NPS Park Ranger


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Robert Dunkerly at bd1754@yahoo.com


Prior to the Revolution, the Virginia frontier extended north to include the Ohio River and the Great Lakes. During the Eighteenth Century, Virginia and Pennsylvania claimed the land that includes modern Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. The area’s mountainous ridges, fertile valleys, and powerful rivers contained tremendous resources and were the key to westward settlement and commerce.


Robert M. (Bert) Dunkerly is a historian, award-winning author, and speaker who is actively involved in historic preservation and research. He holds a degree in History from St. Vincent College and a Masters in Historic Preservation from Middle Tennessee State University. He has worked at fourteen historic sites, written twelve books and numerous scholarly articles. His research includes archaeology, colonial life, military history, and historic commemoration. He is a past President of the Richmond Civil War Round Table, and serves on the Preservation Commission for the American Revolution Round Table-Richmond. He has taught courses at Central Virginia Community College, the University of Richmond, and the Virginia Historical Society. Dunkerly is currently a Park Ranger at Richmond National Battlefield Park. He has visited over 500 battlefields and over 1000 historic sites worldwide. He enjoys exploring local bookstores, battlefields, and breweries, not necessarily in that order.

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