Lecture #8 – Moonshine, Blue Ridge Style

Moonshine – Blue Ridge Style: The History and Culture of Untaxed Liquor in the Mountains of Virginia

Guest Speaker:
Bethany Worley
Director, Blue Ridge Institute and Museum

If you have questions or comments, please contact our guest speaker, Bethany Worley at: bworley@ferrum.edu


This lecture is based on the online exhibit: “Moonshine – Blue Ridge Style: The History and Culture of Untaxed Liquor in the Mountains of Virginia” and includes information on the Old World origins of distilled liquor, the emergence of small farm and community distilleries in the Blue Ridges in the 1700s and 1800s, and economic and cultural impact of distilled liquors on backcountry settlers.


Bethany Worley is Director of the Blue Ridge Institute & Museum (BRIM) at Ferrum College in Franklin County. Bethany has a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Appalachian Studies from Emory and Henry College and a Master’s degree in Cultural Geography from the University of Memphis.

Previous to her graduate schooling, Bethany worked at the BRIM curating the museum’s first exhibit, Folk Instruments and Their Makers. Bethany curated, designed and installed the Governor Ned Ray McWherter Museum in the Weakley County Library in Dresden, TN and was the former Governor’s personal consultant.

Bethany was also the Director of the University of Tennessee at Martin’s Jackson campus. Since returning to the BRIM, She has focused on exhibits, homeschooling programming, community events, and the endowment.

This year’s lecture series is brought to you by a generous grant from Virginia Humanities.

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