Private Group Tours

Special Tours for Private Groups:

Private Tours Available for 5-20 People

Private Tours Available for 5-20 People

Any group may request a private, guided tour of the Museum. These tours are recommended for families with teenagers, high school or college classes, life-long learners, and the intellectually curious.

Warning: These tours may cause participants to think differently about American history. Not recommended for anybody who believes they already know everything about the past.  🙂


  • Tour Fees are $15 per person / $25 for the Foodways Cooking Experience
  • For all group reservations, please call our Welcome Center at 540-332-7850.
  • Reservations must be made at least 2 business days in advance.
  • There is a 5 person minimum and 20 person maximum. Allow at least 4 hours to complete.
  • Tours not available during special events or major program activities.Tour Options:  The Museum offers 5 different private tours.
  1. General Tour of the Frontier Culture Museum:  $15
    Touring the Museum

    Touring the Museum

    The mission and purpose of the Frontier Culture Museum is to educate the public about the formation and spread of American frontier culture. The Museum’s unique approach to this mission uses outdoor exhibits and objects to show the Old World origins of this central component of the American national character. This tour stops at each of the Museum’s eleven (and counting) outdoor exhibits for in depth discussion of the contributions that the people represented brought to American frontier culture, and how this distinctive native culture developed in colonial America and spread westward with the pioneers in the nineteenth century.

  2. Architectural Tour:  $15
    Reassembling The Past

    Reassembling The Past

    The Frontier Culture Museum boasts what is perhaps the only collection of traditional vernacular buildings of its kind in the world. This collection includes common, everyday traditional building forms of the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria, two regions of England, two counties of Northern Ireland, the Rhineland of Germany, the eastern woodlands of North America, and several log buildings from the Valley of Virginia. The tour includes a careful examination of the Museum’s building collection, explanations of architectural terms and various building forms as well as identification of traditional construction tools, materials and techniques. Your tour leader will be the Museum’s Curator of Historic Buildings and resident architectural historian, Ray Wright. With over 25 years at the Museum, Ray’s knowledge of these buildings and their place in the making of American architecture is unmatched. This will be an experience you’ll still be thinking about years from now. You’ll never look at buildings the same way again.

  3. Material Culture Tour:  $15

    Traditional Furnishings

    Another of the Frontier Culture Museum’s unique collections are the furnishings in its buildings. This special program and tour show cases the wide-range of furniture styles and traditions, and household implements and objects used and displayed at the Museum’s outdoor exhibits. The tour is led by the Museum’s curator of collections, David Puckett, whose nearly 20 years of work with the Museum has involved developing and implementing furnishing plans for the outdoor exhibits and researching specific items that are custom made for the particular exhibits. This tour is for all who have ever wondered why and how the Museum’s outdoor exhibits are furnished the way they are.

  4. Foodways Tour:  $15
    The Modern Kitchen

    The Modern Kitchen

    The one thing all life needs is food. Only with an adequate, sustainable food supply can a culture or civilization, large or small, form and thrive. Modern Americans take food granted, and generally don’t worry too much about their next meal. You can mark this down as another way our ancestors were different from us, their next meal was something they thought about often and worked daily to secure. That’s why they took such care and worked so hard to build-up and keep an adequate food supply. You might even say they made it possible for us for us living generations of Americans to take food for granted. The enduring, critical importance of food is a fact of life the Museum knows very well, and food and food ways is central to our interpretation of the past. This tour focuses on food production and its challenges among the Old World culture represented at the Museum, as well as the so-called, Columbian Exchange, that brought Old World food and foodways to America, and American food and foodways to the Old World.

  5. Foodways Tour – Cooking Experience:  $25
    For an additional $10.00 per person (total cost = $25), this tour adds a hands-on cooking experience using authentic ingredients to create a traditional meal.