Support Your Frontier Culture Museum

There are several ways you can support the Frontier Culture Museum and its educational Mission!

Please consider one or more of the following options:

Giving to The Annual Fund supports bringing school children to the Frontier Culture Museum

  • Donate to the American Frontier Culture Foundation

    The AFCF is a non-profit organization that provides the Museum with resources for illuminating teacher education programs, entertaining lectures, workshops, special programs and much needed school field trips to the Museum. It also supports current and new permanent and temporary exhibits, the acquisition and reconstruction of historic buildings, the reproduction of historic buildings and furnishings, and the preservation of historic buildings and artifacts at the Frontier Culture Museum.

  • Volunteer at the Museum

    There are many opportunities to volunteer at the Museum, including helping to staff special events, driving electric shuttles, or even volunteering to staff historic exhibits (costumes are optional).

  • Support the Meredith Furr Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

    Every year, the Frontier Culture Museum hosts hundreds of kids for week long summer camps. Our camps are fun and educational, and offer the kind of adventure kids will long remember.  Sadly, too many kids don’t experience our summer camp because their families can’t afford to send them. By donating to the fund, you open the world of the Frontier Culture Museum for a child to learn and grow.

    A $150 donation gives a child a full-week of the Museum’s summer camp experience.