This Week’s Activities: 5/14-20

Below are some of the scheduled activities for this week at the Frontier Culture Museum.  Activities and locations are subject to change depending on weather and other unforeseen events, so please call the Museum’s Welcome Center in advance (540-332-7850), or check our Facebook page each morning to confirm specific activities or programs.  Activities occur throughout the day (9-5) unless otherwise noted.

Making Iron Tools In The Forge

Monday 5/14

  • Immigration; Garden Work (West African Farm)
  • Herbals; Garden Work (English Farm)
  • Blacksmithing (Irish Forge)
  • Loom Work; Garden Work (Irish Farm)
  • Games & Stilts (German Farm)
  • Trade & Games (Ganatastwi)
  • Woodworking (1740s American Settlement)
  • Spinning (1820s American Farm)
  • Knitting; Games (1850s American Farm)

    Woodworking in 1740s America

Tuesday 5/15

  • Gourd Work (West African Farm)
  • House Chores; Scalding (English Farm)
  • Blacksmithing (Irish Forge)
  • Spinning; Scalding (Irish Farm)
  • Coopering; Garden Work (German Farm)
  • Trade (Ganatastwi)
  • Woodworking; Garden Work (1740s American Settlement)
  • Music; Garden Work (1820s American Farm)
  • House Chores; Scalding (1850s American Farm)

Sheep Shearing by Hand

Wednesday 5/16

  • Music & Dance (West African Farm)
  • Making Cheese (English Farm)
  • Blacksmithing (Irish Forge)
  • Making Butter  (Irish Farm)
  • Games; Fraktur (German Farm)
  • Trade (Ganatastwi)
  • Garden Work; Militia Drill  (1740s American Settlement) 
  • Music; Woodworking (1820s American Farm)
  • Making Butter (1850s American Farm)

Thursday 5/17

  • Immigration; Rafia Work (West African Farm)
  • Garden Work (English Farm)
  • Blacksmithing (Irish Forge)

    Carding Wool on the 1820s American Farm

  • Music; Flax Processing (Irish Farm)
  • Woodworking; Games (German Farm)
  • Trade; Games (Ganatastwi)
  • Woodworking; Yoke & Buckets (1740s American Settlement)
  • Music (1820s American Farm)
  • Packing the Wagon; Herbals (1850s American Farm)

Friday 5/18

  • Music & Dance (West African Farm)
  • Garden Work (English Farm)
  • Blacksmithing (Irish Forge)
  • Spinning (Irish Farm)
  • Flax Processing (German Farm)
  • Trade & Games (Ganatastwi)
  • Woodworking (1740s American Settlement)
  • Music; Garden Work (1820s American Farm)
  • Garden Work; Knitting (1850s American Farm)

Cleaning Wool

Saturday 5/19

  • Balophone Storytelling (West African Farm)
  • Baking; Mending (English Farm)
  • Blacksmithing (Irish Forge)
  • Textiles (Irish Farm)
  • Egg Noodles; Flax Processing (German Farm)
  • Trade; Games; Garden Work (Ganatastwi)
  • Woodworking; Garden Work  (1740s American Settlement)
  • Foodways; Music (1820s American Farm)
  • Foodways (1850s American Farm)

Sunday 5/20

  • TBD