Toddler & Preschooler Program – 2020

Bring your toddler or preschooler to the Museum on select Saturdays to participate in activities and traditions associated with different cultural heritages. 

Activities will vary each week. Please check the calendar for dates and specific program details.  Many activities will be outdoors, so please dress accordingly.

Museum admission is included, so feel free to enjoy the Museum’s exhibits after the program concludes.

Advance Registration is Requested: Space is limited. Please call our Welcome Center at 540-332-7850 to secure your child’s space in each Saturday program.  Registration is FREE for Annual Pass Holders.

Dates:  Select Saturday Mornings, January – March
Session Times:  10:00 am & 11:00 am
Ages:  2-5 Years Old (a parent must accompany each child)
Program Structure:  30 – 45 minutes of structured activity. Weather permitting, we will utilize the Museum’s exhibits.
Location:  Meet and sign in at the Museum’s Welcome Center.
Cost:  $5 per child (no charge for parent); FREE to annual pass holders

If you plan to come often, we recommend purchasing a “Family Annual Pass“.

Call our Visitor Center for Details at 540-332-7850


Toddler Program: 1/4

Sheep Day

The animals at the museum do not just sleep all winter! As part of our Toddler Program, we will be doing some “Get to Know Our Animals” days. This Saturday you will meet our sheep. Come hear a story and feed and interact with our sheep in England.

Toddler Program: 1/11

Animal Tracks

This time of year, we often find animal tracks in the snow. Tracking animals was important to Native Americans and settlers for hunting. Come learn what tracks different animals make and listen to some poems about some of these animals.

Toddler Program: 1/18


Come see our interpreters piecing together quilt squares in the Education Studio and learn about different patterns that have been used to create quilts for many years. Use geometric shapes cut out of construction paper to make your own quilt squares and listen to a story about a cat’s favorite quilt.

Toddler Program: 1/25

Historic Indoor Games

It’s cold outside, but play did not end. Discover how children in the past spent their leisure time during the winter months. Come learn how to play and participate in some historic indoor games.

Toddler Program: 2/1

Pig Day

It’s time to meet another one of our animals at the museum! As part of our Toddler Program, we will be doing some “Get to Know Our Animals” days. This Saturday you will meet one of our pigs. Come hear a story and interact with our pig on the German farm.

Toddler Program: 2/8

Butter Making

Did you ever wonder about how people in the past got their food? In the 1800’s, you could not always just run out to the grocery store. Come learn about how dairy products were made and try to make some butter. Let’s get churning!

Toddler Program: 2/15

Pottery and Beads

Pottery is an art used by practically every culture throughout time because of its basic need for daily life. Come learn about the pottery methods of Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands and create your own pinch pot. You will also hear a story about pottery. Clay was also used to make beads and you will get to do that too! You will also discover how beads can be used to tell stories.

Toddler Program: 2/22


Adinkra is a cloth made in West Africa and usually worn when someone leaves the village. The cloth is divided into strips of repeated squares stamped with traditional symbols. Learn what some of these symbols meant and how they can tell a story. Create your own adinkra example using potato stamps to create patterns on colored construction paper.

Toddler Program: 2/29

Costuming and Schoolhouse Lessons

What kind of clothes did children wear in the past? What was school like in early America? Find out this Saturday. Learn about and try on some clothing that would have typically been worn on the colonial frontier and take part in a schoolhouse lesson.

Toddler Program: 3/7

Chicken Day

It’s time to meet some more animals at the museum! As part of our Toddler Program, we will be doing some “Get to Know Our Animals” days. This Saturday you will meet some of our chickens. Come learn about life stages of a chicken and feed our chickens on the German farm.