We Stand Together

The Frontier Culture Museum supports the Governor’s call on all Virginians to join together and renew our commitment to working for justice and fair treatment in our communities.  We stand in solidarity with those who have been tirelessly fighting for racial equality across all aspects of American society for many years.  Recent events punctuate centuries of institutionalized injustice and oppression that we must work together to correct.

As an organization founded on the basis of educating the citizens of Virginia, we recognize that we have an important opportunity to contribute to the creation of real change within our society. Education can encourage people to reexamine deeply held beliefs. As an educational institution, we will use this powerful tool to expand knowledge about the existence and conditions of the slave economy in Virginia, the culture and contributions of Africans and African Americans, and to urge visitors and students to consider the legacy of past political, social, and economic systems on the black community and on all citizens of America today.

We have developed an expanded educational narrative that will reflect, in more detail,  issues relating to race, gender, and societal and economic disparities during the 200 year long timeline covered here at the Museum.  You will see it reflected in the historical content our interpreters provide, in the materials you read on site, and throughout our digital footprint. We believe gaining a deeper understanding regarding the historical origins of our current cultural injustices will help unite all Virginians in the efforts to eradicate them.